What do you do?

When you are walking the road towards your goal,

And you have to take just a few steps more towards touching it..

But you feel too tired!

You break down..

Like you can’t do it anymore..

Like you might just not be able to make it..

You see your destination..

And you just have a little more to go!

But your senses seem to give up..

You keep telling yourself..

‘Just a little more’

But it’s getting tough to keep up..

You want to stop..

You want to breakdown..

You need some support

Some motivation…

But you don’t see anyone around you..

You feel lost..

Passer byes tell you to get up,

They tell you the destination is close by..

But it’s been too much for you..

However you don’t want to give up..

You try…

Look for a motivation..

The Enthusiasm

You take small steps at a time..

Or may be you just crawl..

You might even be slower than a tortoise..

You might not be able to give it enough..

You get mad at yourself for not being able to live upto your own expectations..

But hey!

It’s been harsh on you!

You are tired!

Don’t blame yourself!

Be your own back-up..

Be proud that you are trying..

That you are daring enough to push yourself beyond your limits..

To hold on to it!

Doesn’t matter that everyone already finished this race..

That they already reached that destination..

Believe in yourself..

You have to be with yourself forever!

You just have to keep going..

You will be there!

And you will be ready and stronger for what lies beyond!

Don’t give up yet!

Breakdowns happen so you can put yourself together again…

And it’s upto you to decide How!


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