Dear Best friend,

Thank you!
Thank you for being there for me in every walk of my life.
For all these years that we have seen together,
And stuck by each other.

Thank you!
For understanding me when no one did.
For listening to me, even when I did not speak!

Thank you!
For the way you always picked me up when I fell.
For showing me things about myself, that no one would ever tell!

Thank you!
For all the smiles and courage,
For wiping my tears in distress.

Thank you!
For holding on to me, even when I gave up,
For looking out for me, when I put up a show for the world.

Thank you!
For loving me, when I was a mess.
For the confidence and care!

Thank you!
For keeping up with me,
Showing me, I’m not that difficult to love.

Thank you!
For the love!
For being You!

Thank you!,
From the Friend,
who could not even love herself.


(Picture take by self)

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