Dear Ma!!

Dear Ma,

Here’s putting it out straight and simple..

Thank you!

Thank you for being the person who raised me to be who I am..
For being there for me, every time  I rise and fall and rise again..

Thank you for always understanding me,
Though I failed to understand you at many times..

Thank you for being my critic and my motivator at the same time..
For making me strong in every possible way..
And being strong for me in my weak..

Thank you for being the woman that you are! 
The woman that I adore..
The woman that I love,
And the woman that I look up to!

I love you..
And cannot imagine my life without you..
You, are the most important part of my life.. 

The one who has seen me through all the ups and downs..

Who has seen me smile, laugh, cry and scream..
Who has seen the love and the pain in my heart, 
even when I thought I fooled the whole world…

You are my home, my comfort!
You are my strength, and my peace!

Thank you For being my mentor, 
For being my support system,
For being my light,
And simply,
For being my MA!!

#home #maa #mothersday #happymothersday

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